Danileichenko I, Geasun A. Immunological method in prediction of hepatic encephaiopathy.

5th Scientific Conference with International Participation “Progress in treatment of liver diseases”. – Warsaw, 2001. – P. 29.

A method in unfavorable changes prediction (hepatic encephaiopathy) in acute viral hepatitis В is proposed. This method is based on T-lymphocyte sensitivity determination to antilymphocytic immunoglobuline (ALG). Previously, a similar test was used for prediction of renal al-lotransplantate rejection by determination of antibodies resistance to lymphocytes. The study in-cludes determination of ALG titer in the experiment of E-rosette formation suppression. The ex-amined group comprised of 149 patients with acute HBV and 47 healthy subjects. It was demon-strated that the patients with approaching liver encephaio-pathy develop resistance to ALG and the rate of antilymphocytic anti-bodies necessary for the suppression of E-rosette increases (liters of ALG decreased sharply). In patients with favorable course of acute viral hepatitis, the sensitivity of lymphocytes considerably increases. Thus, the sensitivity of lymphocytes to ALG in favorable course of acute he-patitis В and in a case of approaching hepatic encephaiopathy differs greatly. This observation enables to employ the test of specific inhibi-tion of E-rosette by antilymphocytic immunoglobuline for prediction of hepatic encephaiopathy.